Monday, 26 October 2009

Lisbon 2 - The Wedding

The reason for my trip to Lisbon, and the high spot of the week, was to attend the wedding of my good friends and London neighbours Ana Cajiao and Tiago Correia.

Ana’s family and friends came over from the US, joining with a London contingent, and many others. Tiago’s family home is Lisbon and it seemed as if all his family attended too.

I noted people from Canada, USA, Finland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK, Peru, Colombia, Australia and Italy - what a cosmopolitan couple!

The wedding was held in the north west of the city, a traditional service in the lovely church Nossa Senhora do Rosario.

We then walked just a few hundred metres to the Palacio Frontiera, a fabulous setting for such a colourful event. Drinks and photographs on the terrace, the formal meal in the beautiful chamber. People stretched their legs around the gardens and follies before the cake cutting and dancing on the terrace.

A really delightful wedding, a wonderful family event, a most enjoyable day.

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