Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Swan 2 - Goose 0

Yesterday morning I wrote here about the new arrivals on the Basin, and how the fathers seemed protective toward their young. Four hours later we observed this parental responsibility in dramatic form. The calm was shatterd and a fierce scrap broke out. One of the adult geese seemed to be causing concern to the male swan, possibly straying into the ‘home’ territory where the young cygnets had nested. Whatever the cause, it was sufficient to cause an almighty fray and then a fierce chase the length of the basin as the swan protected his space.

I learn from Wikipedia that swans are the largest members of the duck family and are amongst the largest flying birds. The largest species can reach lengths of over 60 inches, have a wingspan of almost 10ft, and weigh over 33 pounds. As this swan flew past me twice I felt it best to stand very very still and not distract him such that he turned his firepower onto me.

After the excitement and noise of the first battle at about 3pm, there was an almost identical repeat twenty minutes later. The goose returned for round 2, but he was again chased away by this very determined swan.

I shall keep my eye on events tomorrow: I’m not certain that the goose will make a safe escape a third time.

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