Friday, 29 October 2010

Window dressing

It feels as if window dressing may be something of a lost art. With fewer major department stores in our cities than in years gone by, there are fewer grand sweeps of windows in which designers can display a range of goods from within the store. In London, I know of only Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols that still manage to surprise and impress with stunning window displays. Some of their efforts look so expensive that I imagine the aim is to attract attention to the store, rather than to the specific goods and merchandise. I saw these windows at Harvey Nichols a few weeks ago and they certainly caught the attention of passers-by. I can’t find out who was responsible for the design, and the Harvey Nicks press office was unhelpful, so we just have to appreciate the anonymous talent that put together these brilliant displays: the first, is all spanners and nuts, the second is HB pencils, and the third is books. Excellent.

Double-click on each photo to see it large size.

BBC News had a story earlier this year that retailers might be required to turn out the lights on such displays, to save energy.

I have just come across some additional photographs here and here

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