Thursday, 21 July 2011

Lost in Space

The giant hall at Tate Modern, which formerly housed the turbines when it was a power-generating station, is used for six months each year for a major art installation. I have written before about this, here and here.

As the hall is currently empty, I thought we’d make our own installation with my granddaughter.

Here it is “Ella in Space, July 2011”

There is a short piece about the building on the Tate’s website. However, I can thoroughly recommend Karl Sabbagh’s book Power Into Art, published in 2000 and still available from Amazon. It is a great read, which tells the whole story of the Tate’s search for new premises, the conversion of the Bankside building, the behind-the-scenes wrangles, and final opening into the world’s most popular gallery. There are reviews here and here.

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