Sunday, 30 October 2011

Victoria Pendleton

‘Queen Vic’ as they call her, is the subject of a lengthy profile by Sports Interviewer of the Year Donald McRae. It covers the lows and highs of the recent European Track Championships in Holland, at a critical time for the star athlete, just nine months before the London Olympics, where so much is expected of her

It comes in two parts, Part one, and part two.

Pendleton's support staff also includes the Team GB psychiatrist Dr Steve Peters. His role is most acute with Pendleton, who confesses to being riddled with self-doubt. “The men couldn’t understand how I could be so successful and so insecure at the same time – because it doesn’t really exist in the same way in the male psyche ... It was difficult for them to fathom how desperately upset I get when I fail and how ­negative I am about my performances.”

There is a gallery of photos by top sports photographer Tom Jenkins.

My photo of Victoria Pendleton, with fellow cyclist Jamie Staff, at the Olympic Parade through London in October 2008. She holds the gold medal she won in Beijing in the Women's Individual Sprint Event.

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