Saturday, 28 April 2012

I've worked for Ken and Boris

There was a piece in the Evening Standard this week by starchitect Richard Rogers, on who he will be supporting in the Mayoral Election this coming week.  He writes from quite a unique position, having worked for Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone:

The choice of who is to run the city has never been more critical. We need a Mayor who is visionary and decisive, who understands the needs and aspirations of ordinary Londoners. We want a Mayor who understands the need for a better distribution of wealth and who will help protect the vulnerable from the Government’s slash-and-burn economics.
I worked for 10 years with both Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson as chief adviser to City Hall on urbanism and regeneration — and I am convinced that Ken best meets the needs of Londoners.    Read on

Perhaps one of the most important and influential architects alive and practicing in Britain, Richard Rogers burst onto the international scene when he and Renzo Piano won the 1971 competition to design the Pompidou Centre in Paris. Read Wikipedia's entry on him here

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