Sunday, 15 July 2012

God Save the People: All you need is Love

Two large images here, both extremely well realised, on adjacent faces of a large building which fronts onto both New Oxford Street and High Holborn.  The building sits on a very busy tourist route from Covent Garden, up Drury Lane, onwards to the British Museum, and when I’ve passed by there have been crowds of people snapping these works.

The Camden New Journal believes them to be the work of French street artist Mr Brainwash, a contemporary of Banksy.  Los Angeles-based Mr Brainwash, who is known for his street art documentaries, filmed the reclusive Banksy in Exit Through the Gift Shop.  He was filming in the area last week for his latest project. (June 2012)

The building itself is interesting.  It’s a huge triangular lump, with floors of 40,000 sq ft each.  Constructed for the Post Office it was one of their central London sorting depots, but closed in the 1990’s.   I know many attempts have been made to sell it, surely a prime location for a large hotel, but one story I heard was the cost of demolition was extremely high.  It stands above the Post Office underground railway line.  

Although boarded-up, the building is available for short term hire as a location for film and music shoots, and has served as a venue for fashion shows and parties. Full details here.  

Some time ago the British Museum was rumoured to be considering using the site, and the Arts Council also showed some interest.  Two years ago it was scene of an 18 hour rave party for 1,000 people which rather upset the Daily Mail.


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