Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Canon Powershot G1X

Yes, I decided to treat myself to a new camera, and after a fair amount of research settled for the Canon Powershot G1X.  My Lumix has given me really good service over the last few years but it's taken quite a battering, and the video recording is now very disappointing.  The challenge with a new camera is learning both what it can do, and how to work the many controls, options, settings, modes, and menus.  Of course it's another device which is really a computer, with some great optics attached.  Yesterday I went out for a couple of hours and came back with some quite pleasing results.  Here are two.

These gas holders sit beside the Regents Canal

This chap was at peace in Victoria Park, with a family of squirrels playing behind his back.  Not a great photo optically, but quite fun.

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