Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Angry and Impecunious of Earlsfield

It was a sunny day in London, with the Bloomsbury and Holborn area particularly pleasant as roads were closed to traffic. The only blot on the landscape was the continual racket from three helicopters overhead – presumably two police and one tv. The reason was the TUC-organised N30 march, protesting at the public sector cuts. There will be the usual squabbling over the number of marchers, with the organisers quoting one figure and the Met police a lower one; it’s always that way. My sense is that there were many fewer than at the student demonstration of one year ago. Interestingly, there seemed to be more women than men, and a much more serious attitude amongst the marchers - reflecting perhaps the anger behind their protests.

My ‘best slogan’ award goes to this man:

My full set of photos is here, but I've picked out the one below as quite funny. At first I wondered if they were all throwing-up, or perhaps looking down into a lower-level window. Only as I got closer did I decide they were leaning on the MoD stone parapet, filling-in their overtime sheets. So much for reducing the cost of public services.

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