Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Mikey and J

Funny what you find in second hand bookshops and charity shops. My local is the
Dalston Oxfam, highly regarded round here, not only for the clothes, toys, kitchenware and regular stuff it sells, but also for its blog and poetry readings. There is always a really wide range of music on sale, tapes, cd’s and old vinyls, which has led to the shop having a reputation for musical ‘finds’, as recorded in this separate blog. It also has a Twitter feed.

Browsing today I came across the book “Demon Barber” a 1999 collection of interviews by renowned journalist Lynn Barber with the likes of Damien Hirst, Boy George, Dale Winton, David Hockney, Julie Birchill, Felicity Kendal, Gerry Adams, Eddie Izzard, Julian Clary, Jarvis Cocker, Rachel Whiteread, and Harriet Harman.

I was especially taken by the personal message inside the front cover. I’d love to know who ‘J’ and ‘Mikey’ are.

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