Saturday, 31 August 2013

Bigger in America

They say everything is bigger in America.  Well here are three sightings from the last two days to support that claim.

This road train was heading west on the I-84 in Oregon yesterday

I've seen many variations of this, a big residential motor home, towing its own smaller vehicle, in this case a 4x4 Jeep; can't imagine what this set-up must cost.

But the biggest was this huge freight train, running parallel with the WA-14.  I saw it in the distance, caught up fairly easily, drew a mile or so ahead, and then snapped it as it came past.  It is pulled by two engines from BNSF, with a third at the rear.  In between I counted 105 of these black tankers.  If each one is 50 ft long overall, that makes the whole train over 1 mile long. 

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