Friday, 23 August 2013

Thursday in Seattle

First call this morning was the Barnes and Noble bookstore

The Plymouth Congregational Church, 1965, is dwarfed by its newer neighbours

Seattle Public Library, 2004, by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas.  Apparently a very popular building with the people of the city,and in the top twenty of America's top (modern) buildings

The main entrance

A slightly bonkers carpet design

Not the most restful space in which to read

An alternative to the Space Needle (see yesterday) for a high level view of the city is the Columbia Centre's Sky View.  It's on the 74th floor of this office building, which is twice the height of the Needle, costs only 9 dollars to get in, and with only a couple of dozen people there today had no queues.

I liked the smiley

I didn't like hat these guys were doing

You can just see them in the very top of this photo

One stadium hosts the Seattle Seahawks and the Sounders FC.  The other is home to the Seattle Mariners baseball them. 

Recycled Cycles, in Fremont, from whom I've bought a secondhand bike.

This afternoon I put my feet up in the back seat of his trolley bus and took a guided tour of the north of the city

And that was so strenuous that I needed a beer at 5pm.  This small bar has 18 guest beers on tap

And the day was rounded off at adjacent The 5 Point Cafe.  More beer, burger, bacon, chips, and John Updike 

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