Thursday, 13 August 2009

Check your bank statements

Browsing my bank statement today I saw two transactions for £15 each with the entry “02(UK)Ltd PrePay”. As I don’t have a pre-pay telephone this caught my eye.

So I typed the entry into Google, which returned sufficient entries to convince me that it’s fairly common, and that I’d been scammed. There is a typical piece here

I spoke with my excellent bank, the Co-op, who handled it with their usual efficiency, putting a ‘stop’ on my card, and there will be no cost to me. However, I do have to wait 7 working days for a new card which is frustrating. I wonder how the scammers do this, how they get my details.

I think we all fear having our accounts riffled for a few hundred pounds or more. It may be that such relatively small sums as £15 will go unnoticed by many people.

So, folks, always check your bank statements – even the small sums.

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