Wednesday, 12 August 2009

That Fourth Plinth

Well it had to happen. One of the Trafalgar Square ‘Plinthers’ stripped off last night.

Naked 'living sculpture' in Trafalgar Square forced to cover up”

I’m curious to know why he had to cover up, and under what law the police can insist on this. The Naked Bike Ride is now a well established event in many UK cities, and over 1000 NAKED PEOPLE rode through London in broad daylight in June. The Plinther even chose to do it at 1 am – not many people around at that time. Surely all Daily Mail readers would be tucked-up in bed.

Go here to see the video coverage. Be warned: There Is A Naked Human.

NB: I noticed that he smelt his socks as he took them off - a nice touch that.

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