Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Art - please, somebody, give me a clue

In my post of 11th August I wondered how artists managed to put their work in such out of the way places as 20 feet above Fleet Street. There was more on this topic on the 17th August, and on both occasions I wondered what it all meant. Well I’m none the wiser, and here is another puzzle.

I first noticed these strange little objects about two years ago, on the roof of bus shelters around my part of London. They disappeared last year but today I noticed that they are back. These were spotted from the top deck of the 243. I can’t tell if they are made from old tennis balls, or possibly potatoes, with steel or plastic rods stuck in them (sorry about the ‘un-arty’ description).

These three are on the roofs of shelters at Shoreditch Town Hall, Old Street and on Clerkenwell Road.

Please, somebody, give me a clue

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