Friday, 18 June 2010

The fan in your life

They started appearing on white vans about two months ago, and on private cars and black cabs more recently. Now of course the St George’s Cross seems to be everywhere, including every single pub, club, and branch of Tesco/Sainsbury/Asda etc.

The best display I’ve seen so far has been this comprehensive multi-national effort in the window of menswear boutique Present, at 140 Shoreditch High Street: socks displaying the colours of what looks like every nation. More subtle than the pubs, and much more creative, which seems appropriate for Shoreditch.

The socks are Happy Socks, produced by Stephen Wong. He also has a collection of football scarves – in cashmere - for the fan in your life. Go on, splash out on him: it’s Fathers Day on Sunday!

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