Sunday, 27 June 2010

Ghana 2 - USA 1

Well done Ghana, winning the game in extra time and keeping Africa in the tournament. You have also helped me with my flag-recognition. I’ve seen this car parked round the corner from my home and not known which country the flags represent; now I do, and it’s Ghana.

This afternoon it's The Big One: England v Germany, and predicted temperatures of 30 degrees in London. At nine this morning people were walking out of my local Tesco with cases of beer and grub for the barbeque. The papers are full of pre-match coverage, and there is a keen sense of anticipation in the air. And of course there is also Wimbledon, Formula 1, and Glastonbury all over the schedules. Out in the sun and party, or indoors watching the box: it's a tough call.

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