Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Anish Kapoor

Go And See This.
I offer no apologies for being so emphatic - this is a ‘must see’ exhibition for anybody who is able to get to The Royal Academy in London’s Piccadilly.

The Royal Academy of Arts presents a major solo exhibition of the work of the acclaimed artist
Anish Kapoor, winner of the 1991 Turner 
Prize, and one of the most influential and pioneering sculptors of his generation.

"Tall Tree and the Eye” 2009 by Anish Kapoor, at The Royal Academy

I went yesterday with close friends, one of whom said “I have never been to an exhibition which made me so happy” and I must agree. It was only the second day of the exhibition, and a Monday, and yet it was crowded with happy people looking at and enjoying Kapoor's wonderful sculptures.

Not being allowed to take photographs inside the Academy, I can only show you this piece which Kapoor made specially for this exhibition. It stands in the courtyard of the Academy and is itself brilliant. But wait till you get inside.
Small pieces, huge pieces, in corten steel, paint, fibreglass, cement, with a cannon, (yes, ‘bangs’), and other things I don’t want to tell you about. One piece weighs 30 tons and occupies 5 galleries. Unusual materials, wonderful use of brilliant colours – I won’t tell you any more.
By the third gallery we noticed that visitors were smiling, were talking to strangers, and to the (very informative) wardens; people were chuckling, young children were shrieking with delight. This isn’t how one usually behaves in London galleries - all very tight lipped and serious.

Friends: It’s a delight. GO!
John Tusa interviews Anish Kapoor here

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