Wednesday, 9 September 2009


In my post of August 26th I asked for help identifying those odd objects that had appeared on the roof of bus shelters in my part of town. I also wondered on 11th and 17th August who these artists might be (some people might put the word artist in inverted commas) and how they executed the installation of their work.

Dave Hill, in his excellent Dave Hill’s London Blog, has spotted my plea and directed readers to a couple of answers: you can follow the links in his blog.

It appears the artist is called nonose, Belfast by birth, now resident in London, has been seen in a C4 documentary and some of his/her work features in a Tate dvd “Street Art: Painting the City London, Paris, Madrid.

Incidentally, those bus shelter objects have been named ‘spudniks’ and can be seen as far afield as Crystal Palace, Battersea, and Hampstead Heath.

Thanks Dave for the leads.

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