Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Twitter ye not

I’ve read so much about it, and hear almost every radio programme implore listeners to ‘twitter us’, that I thought it was time to explore.

Joining is easy: just go to www.twitter.com dream up a password and post your photo.

You can decide who you want to ‘follow'. I plumped for 10 Downing St, bbc5Live, a couple of Guardian feeds and BBC Breaking News. It then searched my contacts book for me and found four friends who are also on Twitter.

This is the interesting bit: One of them hasn’t used it for 3 months, another shows no sign of traffic, ever, and another last tweeted seven days ago. The fourth person though shows lots of dedication, as this tweet shows Watching the grand prix in bed. Waiting for Mrs to finish watching a show downstairs. Night all....

By 5pm on my first day using it I’d received 119 tweets since switching my ‘phone on at 8am, which is a lot more than I’d expected and frankly a lot more than I want to receive – one every 5 minutes. I think I’ll have to be more selective about who I choose to ‘follow’

And I haven’t even sent any tweets myself yet, so none of these 119 is in response to any thoughts I’ve tweeted. Hhmm….I might lose interest in this.

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