Sunday, 8 September 2013

Columbia River Gorge

On my penultimate day in Portland I drove out of the city, along the south bank of the Columbia River.  It's a well regarded trip, to do the Columbia River Gorge, but as the south side is mainly viewed from the highway, it's less appealing for the driver, me.   However, I was able to turn off a couple of times onto lesser roads, like Historic Route 30, and see some superb scenery. 

This distinctive black farm building seems reminiscent of those buildings seen in many westerns.

The best views were at Rowena Crest.  These views may look like models or tourist posters: they are my photos of the real thing. 

The limit of my eastward travel was The Dalles, about 85 miles from Portland.  There are two places where vehicles can cross the river and I took this option, returning home along the north bank, which is actually in Washington State.  Round trip was about 190 miles. 

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