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If you want to 'do' Hollywood, you just have to do a studio tour, and there are a couple to choose from.  I'd read good things about the Warner Bros tour and I wasn't disappointed. It is a huge place, with many sound stages, and backlots, lots of tv shows in production (although no major movies at present) and an important history.

I toured in a group of just twelve, on an electric cart, with a well-briefed guide, and the tour also included a visit to the costume museum (no photography her), a look at some well-known cars, and a walk-through of the prop store: that took me back many years.

The cost is $50, booked online, with a further charge for parking, so not cheap. It lasts about two and a quarter hours, and is very well conceived and managed.  
You can read on Tripadvisor how other people rate it. 

Walk of the Stars: this is Bing Crosby

And then into Warners or the tour:

Sets on the backlot are almost all facades only, with no interiors. Each facade can be used in a variety of ways, with extensive use of signs, window dressing, street furniture and extras.

These anonymous buildings are real production offices, but externally have served many times as schools and motels

Friends exterior

Subway entrance - it goes nowhere

The Ellen de Generes TV show is recorded daily: Warners security prepare to check-in the studio audience

Looks like the star hasn't arrived yet: her empty parking slot

The actual Friends set has been re-assembled in the props dept for tours to see

Props from Argo

The President's desk from West Wing

Scenic construction

The Shaguar

Harry Potter


These are used for "middle America" locations.  Real production offices inside.

That's all folks!

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